Discrimination against Jews in interwar Europe

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Discrimination against Jewsin interwar Europe Boycott of Jewish businesses Non Aryans cannot serve in military Book burning of non German authors.
including Helen Keller Jews forbidden from working in the arts Film Theater Broadcasting Music etc Jews forbidden from being journalists Cannot join labor unions.
Cannot inherit or pass down farms Jewish people banned from getting health Armed forces cannot marry non Aryans Newspaper campaigns begin Jewish doctorsmurder Christian children .
1935 Nuremberg Laws Signs taken down for Olympics The Eternal Jew comes out https www youtube com watch v U2Iazw... .
ThjChaIdsG35oZvdnjGvaLft http www johndclare net Nazi German... usMushroom htm Utilization of Jewish property.
Banned from public schools Jews banned from public spaces Passports stamped Middle names changed Arrests begin.
Kristallnacht US accepted 25 000 outof 127 000 applicants 32 countries met to discuss refugees US only cameonce promised they wouldn t have to accept more than.
they already were depression people fearedimmigrants would take their jobs Jews in Nazi territory must wear yellow star 1939 St Louis Ship St Louis left Europe with 937 Jews mostly from the Third.
Reich They had Cuban entrance visas permission to enter the Many people travelled easily between the US and Cuba at thattime Many of these people probably hoped to enter the US too The US heard about the ship and put pressure on the Cubangovernment to not let the passengers get off the ship in Cuba .
28 people were allowed to get off the ship the rest were sentback to Europe When they sailed past the lights of Miami many passengerssent cables begging Pres Roosevelt to give them refuge Henever responded .
254 of those passengers died in the holocaust Others weretaken in by countries not occupied by the Nazis like Britain Warsaw ghetto walled in Auschwitz opened Einsatzgruppen created.
Western Jews deported to ghettos Gassing starts at first death camp Chelmno More death camps open Mass deportation of Jews to death camps Chelmno and Treblinka finish work Death.
camps are torn down and crime covered up Roma Gypsies sent to concentration camps Death march from Auschwitz starts Hungarian Jews sent to camps US refuses to bomb concentration camps.
Auschwitz liberated by Soviets Western camps liberated by Britain andAmerican troopsChelmno and Treblinka finish work. Death camps are torn down and crime covered up. Roma (Gypsies) sent to concentration camps. 1944. Death march from Auschwitz starts. Hungarian Jews sent to camps. US refuses to bomb concentration camps . 1945. Auschwitz liberated by Soviets. Western camps liberated by Britain and American troops.

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