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Lake Chelan CommunityHospital ClinicsReplacement FacilityPresentation for Project ApprovalGCCM Project Delivery.
July 27 2017 Agenda KA Project Team Purpose of GCCM Application Project Description.
Benefits of GCCM Project Delivery Team Management Schedule Response to PRC Questions Issued 7 19 2017 Summary Questions.
Project Team KA Each Team Member Short Intro Chelan County PublicHospital District 2Kevin AbelDD 25 CD 10 .
ConstructionConstruction 10 Perkins CoieGraehm WallaceDick Bratton Barry Leahy.
GC CM ConsultantConsultantOwner Rep PMGC CM SelectSelect 50 .
DD 10 SD 50 DD 80 DD 80 CD 80 DD 10 CD 10 Construction.
Construction 80 Owner ConsultantsTBD CollinsCollins Woerman allocations.
allocations below SubcontractorsDesign Consultants Purpose of GCCM Application BL LCCHC Project Influences.
Project Meets GC CM Criteria Critical Scheduling Phasing Transition Early GC CM Interaction LCCHC Received PRC Approval February 2009 Schedule.
Project Duration Over Several Seasons Rural Location Industry Forces Early Team Interaction Public Interaction Agency Interaction.
LCCHC Team Fully Prepared Project Description PG Benefits of GC CM Project Delivery BL Owner Designer Contractor Early Collaboration Utilize Team Expertise Early at SD.
Compliant to RCW 39 10 P P Early Review of SD Site Challenges Establish Budget Provide DD with Budget Advice Identify and Coordinate Long Lead Items Full CD Set Detailed with GC CM Input.
MACC at 90 CD VE and Budget Reconciliation Interactive Design Contractor Team Group Effort for BIMModeling and Clash Mitigation GC CM Influence and Coordination of Move Transition Team Management Definite Decisions KA .
Manage Project Contract Fiduciary Consultants C Direct A E C Coonnssuu.
P Coonsu lt for Program to Budget arrti lltt fo GC Add cciip orr C CCMviis aatte oonnt Direct GC CM soory in trra Seeleec.
reeco tingg a ctition RFIs LCCHC DBPMs a USD DA COs s A Daily Inspections Kevin Abel Dick Bratton.
Barry LeahyGC CM WoermanPhil Giuntoli M econ sig a n MA e De Is.
Con age S CC to nag e RFon Budg Ma nimiz Ostor Mi iew ntro nedu s R PS C ed DesigQu M nfor nate.
alit Co ordi ction nty Co stru tratio Co mini Schedule BL Item Task Schedule Target dates.
Project Predesign and Financial Feasibility Study Market Analysis Completed Jan Feb 2017 1 GC CM PRC Application July 3 20172 LCCHC PRC Presentation July 27 20173 GC CM Delivery Approval July 28 20174 Official State Authority Notice August 7 2017.
5 GC CM RFP August 28 20176 GC CM Selection Oct 07 20177 Schematic Design Complete Feb 26 20188 Baseline Estimate Feb 26 20189 GC CM Budget 50 DD Apr 16 2018.
10 VE Constructability Apr May 201811 Design Development Complete May 21 201812 Construction Docs Complete Aug 6 201813 Mini MACC 90 CDs Sept Oct 201814 Permitting Nov 5 2018.
15 MACC Jan 2 201916 Site Mobilization Jan 3 201917 Construction June 4 2020 Response to PRC Questions Issued7 19 2017 BL .
This is a terrific project The construction cost of 392 SF including escalation seems low for a hospital clinic Howconfident are you in the budget for this size project Response Healthcare Collaborative Group developed thebudget based on other similar Critical Access Hospitals It is a one story design and will not include some ofthe more expensive areas found in PPS hospitals like MRI 2 Will the USDA provide the additional 25M in funding If not are there other funding sources Response .
The USDA application is in process and we are confident it will be approved If it is not funded we have abackup plan to issue revenue bonds The financial plan for the project is conservative due to the votedcomponent being paid by property tax 3 The design phase seems short for such a specialized facility If the design runs longer is there contingency tocover the additional cost Is there a required completion date Response The architect agreement has adequate.
funds for project design completion and has specifically included liberal terms of 29 months for services 4 Site mobilization is Sept 2019 Is February 4 2019 the anticipated completion date Or should it beFebruary 2020 If so that would be reasonable Response PRC did not receive the updated schedule afterapplication submittal the updated schedule is within this PPT which shows 1 3 2019 and 6 4 2020 for the twodates in question .
5 It appears that Dick Bratton is the only team member that has direct GC CM experience or has taken the AGCGCCM training Do other team members have GCCM RCW 39 10 experience or plan to take the AGC training Response Barry Leahy and a CW team member plan to take the two day AGC training 6 Is the project going to have a Project labor Agreement PLA If so are you planning to have a dual benefitreimbursement program for example Sound Transit and City of Seattle both have these programs with their PLAs .
Response Prevailing wages are required to be paid to workers laborers and mechanics on all public works according to RCW 39 12 020 A PLA is not mandatory or realistic in a remote location such as Chelan and fairand competitive open bidding can be achieved without labor restrictions and through the prevailing wagerequirement Summary KA .
Applicant Final Comments QuestionsResponse: PRC did not receive the updated schedule after application submittal, the updated schedule is within this PPT which shows 1/3/2019 and 6/4/2020 for the two dates in question. 5. It appears that Dick Bratton is the only team member that has direct GC/CM experience or has taken the AGC GCCM training.

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