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The HolocaustExamining the Depths of Humanity OVERVIEWIn the following lesson you will examine Background of anti Semitism.
Steps leading towards The Final Solution Consequences and impact of the Holocaust Reasons for anti SemitismThe Jews in Europe traditionally facedpersecution for various reasons .
Responsibility for Christ s crucifixion Jewish customs appeared evil andmysterious Belief in the Jewish conspiracy Association with greed and.
destructive industrialism Propagators of communism Forms of anti SemitismThroughout European history Jews were Discriminated against and libeled in.
Prevented from certain occupations universities or residence Murdered in anti Semitic campaigns pogroms in Russia Beyond pogroms.
State sponsored anti Semitism took various Boycott of Jewishbusinesses Nuremburg Laws.
Social exclusion Krystalnacht Crystal Night The Jewish Question Jews Gypsies prisoners.
of war and the unfit were hunted by the SSEinsatzgruppen DeathSquads Labour camps.
Ghettoes Machine guns COexhaust explosives fire axes or cavalry The final solution .
Auschwitz Chemlo Treblinka Sobibor and Gas chambers usingZyklon B could kill12 000 people per day.
Clothing hair teeth and valuables were Bodies were burned inmass crematoriums First they came for the communists .
I did not speak outbecause I was not a communist When they came for the socialdemocrats I did not speak out.
because I was not a social democrat When they came for the trade unionistsI did not speak outbecause I was not a trade unionist When they came for the Jews.
I did not speak outbecause I was not a Jew And when they came for me there was no one left to speak out Pastor Martin Niem ller translated from.
German 1976 Liberation and uncertainty Nearly 6 million European Jews and otherenemies of the Nazi regime had been Nazi leaders were put on trial and crimes.
against humanity were defined by theUnited Nations Many Jews began to leave Europe towardstheir spiritual homeland of Palestine SUMMARY QUESTIONS.
What were the sources of European anti In what ways did historical anti Semitismdiffer from Nazi anti Semitism What factors pushed the Nazis towardsimplementation of the death camps .
In what ways did the people seek peaceand to prevent future genocide The Holocaust Examining the Depths of Humanity OVERVIEW In the following lesson, you will examine: Background of anti-Semitism Steps leading towards “The Final Solution” Consequences and impact of the Holocaust Reasons for anti-Semitism The Jews in Europe traditionally faced persecution for various reasons: Responsibility for Christ’s crucifixion Jewish customs appeared evil and ...

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