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Unit World War ITopic Long Term Causes War is Inevitable As theforces were.
toward war M A I N World War I Militarism M Militarism.
1 Militarism the glorification ofmilitary power led to fear andsuspicion as nations becamewilling to use military force toattain goals .
2 For example Germanyand England werecompeting to have themost powerful navy Germany started to build.
a large number ofbattleships which madethe rest of Europe 3 There was an armsrace in which European.
countries competed witheach other to expandtheir armies and naviesas quickly as possible All the long years.
of my reign mycolleagues themonarchs ofEurope have paidno attention to.
what I have to say Soon with mygreat navy toendorse back up my words they.
will be morerespectful Kaiser Wilhelm II http www youtube com watch v D6 r6eB nQY featur.
A Alliance Systems1 Nations agreed todefend each other incase of attack by1914 there were two.
major alliances The Triple Alliance Germany Austria Hungary Italy dropsout later The Triple Entente .
Britain France Serbia secret Russia drops out later andItaly joins later http www youtube com watch v htyue8xRS7M.
Imperialism I Imperialism1 The European nationscompeted for colonies andeconomic power .
2 Germany industrializedrapidly and England andFrance felt threatened byGermany colonies in Africaand China .
Nationalism N Nationalism1 People were willing to fight and diefor their nations 2 Germany now unified was growing.
in strength 3 France wanted to regain its positionas the leading European power 4 Many French also wanted revengeon Germany for having to give up.
land in the Franco Prussian War 5 Besides havingto pay money toGermany as aresult of losing.
the Franco Prussian War France lost theprovinces ofAlsace and.
http www youtube com watch v RyZ4EWVMSpw2. For example,Germany and England were competing to have the most powerful navy: Germany started to build a large number of battleships, which made the rest of Europe nervous. 3.There was an arms race, in which European countries competed with each other to expand their armies and navies as quickly as possible.

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