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1 Day of 4 Quarter Choose your own seat First come first serve No saving seats for others 3 strikes you re out 3 warnings and then.
I choose where you permanently sit World War TwoThe Holocaust in Hebrew Shoah We will be talking aboutsome very difficult and.
emotional events in this Please treat your fellowstudents with respect kindness and love BE NICE There s no reason.
not to be Guiding Questions What do we already know about theHolocaust Why do you think we talk about the Holocaust.
Why study the Holocaust The Holocaust provides a context for exploring the dangers ofremaining silent apathetic and indifferent in the face of theoppression of others Silence and indifference to the suffering of others or to the.
infringement of civil rights in any society can howeverunintentionally perpetuate the problems The Holocaust was not an accident in history it occurredbecause individuals organizations and governments madechoices that not only legalized discrimination but also allowed.
prejudice hatred and ultimately mass murder to occur Studying the HolocaustThis catastrophe the Holocaust in Hebrew Shoah whichoccurred in Europe from 1933 to 1945 resulted in thedeath of approximately .
six million Jews two out of every three Jews then living in hundreds of Sinti Roma Gypsies at least 250 000 people with mental or physical disabilities more than three million Soviet prisoners about two million Poles.
and another one million Slavs who were targeted for slave labor and thousands of homosexuals Communists Socialists tradeunionists and Jehovah s Witnesses Holocaust DefinitionsAccording to The American Heritage Dictionary .
holocaust great or total destruction especially by fire Holocaust the genocide of European Jews and othersby the Nazis during World War II What differentiation can be made between the general meaningof the word holocaust and the use of the Holocaust to describe.
a series of events at a particular historic time GenocideIn 1948 the United Nations defined genocide as any ofthe following acts committed with intent to destroy inwhole or in part a national ethnic racial or religious.
group including Killing members of the group Causing serious bodily harm or mental harm to members of the Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated tobring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.
Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group Forcibly transferring children of the group to another groupWhy does the Holocaust fit the definition of genocide Key VocabularyAntisemitism prejudice or discrimination against Jews .
Antisemitism can be based on hatred against Jews because oftheir religious beliefs or the group membership ethnicity but also on the incorrect belief that Jews are a race Naziantisemitism was racial in nature Jews were viewed asracially inferior to Aryans and destructive of the world order .
Holocaust denial an antisemitic movement that claimsthe Holocaust never happened or that minimizes or trivializes Jewish life before the Holocaust Before the Holocaust life for European Jews wasgenerally described as family centered successful and.
relatively content Many German Jews had fought anddied in WWI and most German Jews consideredthemselves German first They were patriotic citizens They could not imagine their own country turning.
against them The Aryan Race According to Hitler the danger to the Aryan race camefrom its opposite the Jewish race He believed that bymixing and polluting the blood of the Aryans Jews had.
infiltrated German culture politics and thinking TheJews he said had been the underlying cause of theGerman defeat in World War One It followed from his racial theories of life that in order tosave the Aryan race and ultimately the world inferior.
races like the Jews had to be first isolated and theneliminated The beliefs of the Nazi Party became thepolicies of the Nazi state Nazi Genocide Hitler s policy was to kill all people he judged.
racially inferior particularly Jews Other targetsincluded Slavs Gypsies and the mentally ill At first the Nazis forced Jews in Poland and othercountries to live in ghettos and concentration camps By 1941 German leaders had devised plans for the.
final solution of the Jewish problem the genocide deliberate murder of all European Jews The Nazis shipped Jews from all over occupiedEurope to special death camps built inPoland at places like Auschwitz Sobibor and.
Treblinka By 1945 the Nazis had massacred almost 6million Jews and almost as many other undesirable people were killed as well The scale and savagery of the Holocaust are.
unequaled in history 1st Day of 4th Quarter *** Choose your own seat! First come, first serve! No saving seats for others! (3 strikes & you’re out = 3 warnings and then I choose where you permanently sit!)

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